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Secure Remote Support

Lookinglass Sales & Service offers Secure Remote Support to it's customers.  If your computer has internet access often times we can resolve problems, install sofware and train you on how to perform a specific task from our office.
Remote Support Advantages
  1. Faster Service - We can often times offer faster service since we don't have to travel to your office or home.
  2. Lower Costs - Reduced travel time allows us to offer many services at a reduced rate.
  3. Reduced Downtime - We can often times can be working on your problem within minutes helping you to get back up and running faster.

Note:  Not all problems can be resolved via remote support.  Most hardware problems require onsite support.

Chat With Tom
How does it work?
  1. You can call us at 620-331-7911 or email us at tom@lookinglass-sales.com to setup a time that is good for both of us.
  2. Once we are on the phone and ready to get started you will go to https://www.fastsupport.com.
  3. I will give you a Support Key.  You will enter this code to get the session started.  Follow the instructions as they come up on your computer.
  4. Once connected we will proceed with whatever task needs to be completed.
Normal Charges (unless covered under other agreements)
  • $35 Minimum Per Incident
  • $75 Per Hour
Payment Information
Ask me about our various payment options.

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